Mung Bean Real Nature Face Mask

TheFaceShop Mung Bean Real Nature Face Mask can only be described as a life saver in dire times.


Leaves skin clear and radiant. In just a couple of minutes, it helps eliminate impurities that clog your pores, to leave your skin dazzling.” (

Honestly, what they stated on their site is a fact. I use this mask when my face decides it wants to grow some red nasties the night before an important event. Truly, it is a miracle worker. My pimples will be reduced to nothingness -well, to a more reclusive state than they were before- the next day. I would usually leave this on for 15 mins; however, the instruction says 10-12 mins, but rules are meant to be broken…hehe. Anyways, it feels like it’s such a waste to only leave it on for that long. I feel like it’s more effective if you add a couple minutes here and there. Once time is up, I’ll take off the mask and gently pat in the excess product. Obviously, my face can’t soak up everything after patting it in, so I usually leave it. I hear you can wash it off though, but why waste it? So, it’s much more convinient when this is used before going to sleep.

I have tried almost all of the Real Nature Face Mask ¬†that TheFaceShop has to offer to date, and this is still one of my favorites. I’m a fan of how it’s not dripping wet when I take it out of its package, nor when I place it on my face since some of the Real Nature Face Mask have that unfortunate attribute. This retails for CAD $2.00 which is not a bad price for a mask. Also, TheFaceShop usually has deals where you can buy 5 masks and get a couple free, so when that time comes around, that’s when I usually stockpile on my collection.

I would definitely recommend this if you need an overnight pimple fix.