See You See You

Hear you see you

Voice like a melody

Listening everyday

A heaven’s chorus

Touch you see you

In a dream holding hands

Black tux and a gold band

Saying I do with you

Smell you see you

Roses maybe red violets blue

And your lovely scent lingers

An irresistible perfume

Taste you see you

Better than mushrooms

Addicting so instead of food

I’d rather have you

See you see you

Better than the David statue

You fill my vision you’re too good to be true

But soon

I hope you see me too.

This is a response to The Daily Post One-Word Prompt: Vision.


Playing for Survival

I watch six men playing games

Playing for the food that sates

Their hunger

And shelter

Don’t want to sleep outside during winter

In a tent that only fits so little

Playing for survival

Twenty four hours of fight

Twelve hours of night

Had only a couple of bites during dinner

Lose a game you get thinner

Playing for survival

Luck a counter measure

Working hard a failure

Goddess of Fortune be my saviour

Playing for survival

Needs is a must

Chance is lost tempted by lust

Game over.

This is a response to Daily Post One-Word Prompts: Survival. This was also inspired by the Korean variety show 2 Days & 1 Night. 


Back to the Earth We Go


Back to the earth we go

Down to the land of trees and singing breeze

Back to the mountains we go

Up the waterfalls and forests with austerity

Back to the sea we go

A blue paradise with a mist of mystery

Back to the sky we go

Sun rising in the east setting in the west

Back to the earth we go

Because there’s only one place to go

After all we know

From ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

And so back to the earth we go.

This is a response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Earth