Becoming a Shadow

I’m 19 years old with a 19 years old shadow

Trailing behind me with years old sorrow

My past is a shadow

On social media, almost like a trivia

Looking at my old self, smiling, artificial like Stevia

As I grow older, I hardly say hello, words all hollow

No longer a follower, my shadow’s darker

Its actions stronger

Consuming its maker

I’m laying on my bed

Sleeping all day, all night, nothing to say

but laziness always eating at me everyday

In the darkness I cry in my mind

That I haven’t even stepped outside

Haven’t even looked at my family in the eyes

No words to tell them

Embarrassed to hear condemn

That all I did was stay at home each day

Doing nothing but watching sleeping eating

Gaining weight like I’m Sumo wrestling

Finding it hard to resist the temptations

Of junk food with no sense of portions

Not happy with the life I’m living

I wish I could leave, step outside and enjoy the

weather forever and ever

But I’m am now a shadow.

This is response to The Daily Post’s one-word prompt: Shadow.


2 thoughts on “Becoming a Shadow

  1. What Would You Do? says:

    Hi, I know this sounds artificial in some ways – but I kind of know the feeling. I have epilepsy and so am fairly unable to work, and though I do voluntary work as much as possible, there are still weeks when I feel as though I haven’t seen sunlight. Also with the weight gain – I didn’t realise before that it doesn’t matter what I eat, I’ll still turn into the sumo wrestler if I don’t get out and move about a bit. (Hence a sudden interest in dog walking and hovering). I could relate. I hope you find some way of engaging with the world again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LUNA says:

      No no it doesn’t sound artificial at all! Thank you for your words. I take it for granted that I have a healthy body and let myself waste away at home sometimes. I’m really glad you told me your story. It let me realize that I shouldn’t let myself go like this when I can do so much more.


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