Leaving Wonderland

Dreaming of Wonderland

Where nothing makes sense

Smoking caterpillars, Cheshire cat

Mad Hatter’s tea party a mess

But comfort I find

in this nonsensicalness

Waking to reality

Where momma says use common sense

Reality a logical mess

Everyday there’s guidance

We’re all following King Midas

You lust for everything you can’t have

Think a want is a need

Superficial deeds

And all the disease

Donations not really donations

But funding the company for advertisement means

Moreover you think

You’re pretty good with no sins

But Eve though the same

Then tempted by the snake

Eat the apple it said

In the end

The couple walked out

Couldn’t stay

In the garden of Wonderland

Once upon a time

Following the white rabbit

His bobbing silhouette

Now waking up to reality

To my dismay

The illusion couldn’t stay

A different kind of mayhem


When I am awake.

This is a response to Daily Post one-word prompt: Chaos


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